BDS C Compiler/Linker

Retail Distributions and Source Code

Released 9/19/2002 by Leor Zolman, BD Software (

This archive contains the last generation retail distributions of BDS C for both "vanilla" CP/M-80 and ZCPR3, and the full corresponding source code (in LASM 8080 assembler format) of the major executable commands in the package: cc, cc2, and clink. I hope to add clib source when I can locate it.

CFX.ZIP is a DOS version of a utility to uncompress LBR files, so you can check out the contents of the several LBR's in the package without having to do so under an 8-bit OS.

The cc, cc2 and clink source code is the heart of BDS C. These are the only pieces of the package I ever treated as "proprietary"; everything else was free to be copied so that users could legally modify and exchange any run-time aspects of their software. Now these source files, too, join the rest of the package.

Here's the official word:

        "I, Leor Zolman, hereby release all rights to BDS C
    (all binary and source code modules, including compiler,
    linker, library sources, utilities, and all documentation)
    into the Public Domain.  Anyone is free to download, use,
    copy, modify, sell, fold, spindle or mutilate any part of
    this package forever more. If, however, anyone ever
    translates it to BASIC, FORTRAN or C#, *please* do not tell
            Leor Zolman


BDSC160:Files specific to the CP/M-80 distribution
BDSZ20:Files specific to the ZCPR3 distribution
EXTRA:Files common to both of the above distributions
MANUAL:The BDS C User's Guide source (FinalWord format. See the Readme there)
SOURCE:The compiler/linker source code along with another Readme file with info
about those sources and my original development environment.

Change Log

9/21/2002 (am)
Finally REALLY added the CLINK sources to the sources directory and the separate source archive
9/20/2002 (pm)
Added original "retail" distributions to the downloadable archive.
9/20/2002 (am)
Added missing CLINK source (oops)
Fixed some corrupted text at top of ccb.asm (thanks to Russell Marks for bringing this to my attention.)
Initial Release