Tim Olmstead Memorial Digital Research CP/M Library

Here, in one place, are all the manuals we have for Digital Research software products. These manuals have been produced by scanning, and ocr'ing, the originals. Where possible, the look and feel of the original has been preserved as much as possible. The manuals presented here have been through an extensive clean-up process. OCR is not an exact art, at least not in the affordable software available for the PC, so a separate cleanup process is necessary to produce a pretty manual.

At the bottom of this page you will see a link to some manuals that have been scanned, and ocr'd, but not cleaned up. You can also participate in getting these manuals cleaned up.

NOTE : There is now a site to distribute the DTP sources for some of the manuals on this site. Here is the link to it :
They are mostly in Lotus AmiPro and Microsoft Word format.
I'm in the process of converting them all to PDF format. The results will be posted here.

Still, there are a couple of manuals on this site available in Postscript format only. If you've got the possibility (and time...) to convert them to PDF, please let me know. Searchable (i.e. plain text) PDFs are preferred because of file size and online readability.

One more request: Though the manuals have been cleaned up, sometimes a small number of OCR 'misunderstandings' will be left. If you find them, please correct them (if possible) and send me the corrected version.
You can contact me at gaby@gaby.de. Please don't send me any files by e-mail if I didn't asked you to do so.

CP/M related manual collections hosted on this site

Files posted to Usenet by Emmanuel Roche, mirror of Herb Johnson's page.

CP/M and PL/M manuals previously hosted on Randy McLaughlin's site




ASM: 2M ASM - The CPM Assembler in PDF format.

CBASIC2 : 290K CBASIC v2 in postscript format. This manual is for the 8080/Z80 version of CBASIC. Use with CP/M-80, version 1.4 or higher.

CBASIC 2 PDF : 634K The CBASIC 2 manual in PDF format (click to view, right-click to download).

CBASIC Reference 1982: 450K in PDF format.

CBASIC Reference Manual Dec. 1982: 3.7M in PDF format.

CB-80 Language Manual: 6.1M in PDF format.

** NEW 06/04/2022 **
CB-80 Language Reference Manual : 15M in PDF format, 210 pages. The file is fully searchable and has a new table of contents to reflect the page numbers using the larger size manuscript pages.

LINK 80 : 151K LINK 80 Postscript manual. Use with CP/M-80 or MP/M-80. Note that the LINK-80 manual also contains a chapter on RMAC, and detailed discussions on support for PL/I-80.

LINK 80 manual as PDF : 233K The same as PDF file (zipped).

LINK-80 manual in HTML : 69K Just un-zip the files into an empty directory, then point your web browser at the index.htm file.

MAC : 114K CP/M MAC Macro Assembler Language Manual and Applications Guide, in plain ASCII format.
MAC PDF : 317K The same file converted to PDF (including some re-formattings and page breaks).

PASCAL MT+ LANGUAGE Manual : 123K Pascal MT+ v5.6.1 manual in postscript format.

Pascal MT+ : 126K Pascal MT+ manual in plain text format. This should be the full Pascal MT+ manual.

Pascal MT+ Language Reference Manual: 306K in PDF format.

PL/I Programmer's Guide : 528K Archive contains the manual in both PDF and Microsoft Word 97 format.

PL/I Language Reference Manual : 15K in TeX format.

Intel PL/M-80 Manual : 4.2M - PDF from Al Kossow's archive.

8008 and 8080 PL/M Programming Manual: 2.6M in PDF format, Intel 1975.

REZ.COM : 52K Documentation of RESOURCE by Ward Christensen in MS Word97 format.

Pascal MT+ - SPEED PROGRAMMING PACKAGE : 39K Pascal MT+ SPEED PROGRAMMING manual in plain text format.


Pascal/MT+ Programmer's Guide : 127K for the CP/M-68K Operating System (Word 97/2000 format).

Pascal/MT+ Programmer's Guide : 392K for the CP/M-68K Operating System (PDF).


** NEW 04/06/2022 **
DRI C Programmer's guide for CP/M-86 Second Edition : 24M, 189 pages.

Intel PL/M-86 Manual : 7.9M - PDF from Al Kossow's archive.

** NEW 08/13/2006 **
Dr. Logo Reference manual 85K, sections 1-5.
Dr. Logo Reference manual 198K, section 6.
Dr. Logo Reference Manual 56K, appendixes.


CP/M 1.x

CP/M 1 MANUAL : 98K The manual is presented as a plain ASCII text file. It may be of some historical interest.

CP/M 1.3 Introduction : 35K Here is the Introduction manual for CP/M 1.3 in Postscript format.
CP/M 1.3 PDF : 34K The CP/M 1.3 Introduction manual in PDF format.

CP/M 1.4 Interface Guide: 2.5M in PDF format.

CP/M 1.4 System Alteration Guide: 2.8M in PDF format.

Introduction to CP/M Features and Facilities 1978: 2.8M in PDF format.

CP/M Summary Guide: 1.2M, for version 1.4 and 2.0 in PDF format.

CP/M 2.x

CP/M 2.0 Interface Guide: 3.8M in PDF format.

CP/M 2.0 System Alteration Guide: 3.4M in PDF format.

CP/M 2.0 User's Guide for CP/M 1.4 Users: 2.1M in PDF format.

CP/M User Manual: 1.6M in PDF format.

CP/M 2.2 MANUAL : 400K in HTML for download. This manual should be viewed with an advanced browser. It is not compatible with text-only browsers. ** UPDATED 10/10/2002 **.

CP/M 2.2 POSTSCRIPT MANUAL : 360K This is the CP/M 2.2 manual in PostScript format.

CP/M 2.2 PDF MANUAL : 528K The CP/M 2.2 manual in PDF format (click to view, right-click to download).
Please note that on page 5-17 the last paragraph should read:
The Console Status function checks to see if a character has been typed at the console. If a character is ready, the value 0FFH (S/B 01H) is returned in register A. Otherwise a 00H value is returned.

CP/M 2.2 TEX Manual : 190K CP/M Operating System Manual fourth edition, March 1984, in TEX format.

** NEW 03/23/2016 **
Programmers Reference Guide : 1.7 M Microsystems CPM 1.4 & 2.x Programmers Reference Guide, scanned in JPG format.

** NEW 05/28/2022 **
Programmer's Guide to CP/M : 64 M Microsystems Programmer's Guide edited by Sol Libes. Thanks to Richard Crowley for the OCR'd version.

CP/M Reference Manual: 1.2M in PDF format


Various CP/M Manuals:

CP/M 3

CP/M 3.0 POSTSCRIPT MANUAL : 1033K CP/M 3.0 manual in postscript format .

CP/M 3.0 User's Guide: 2.5M PDF version with correction of OCR errors etc.

CP/M 3 manuals in PDF format from the original PS sources (click to view, right-click to download):

CP/M 3 Command Summary : 1.05M, reformatted
CP/M 3 Programmers Manual : 422K
CP/M 3 System Guide : 374K
CP/M 3 User Guide : 366K


USER'S GUIDE : 849K CP/M-68K Users Guide.

PROGRAMMERS GUIDE : 1.2mb CP/M-68K Programmers Guide.

SYSTEM GUIDE : 695K CP/M-68K System Guide.



Programmer's Guide: 12.2M in PDF format.

System Guide: 4.5M in PDF format.

User's Guide: 6.5M in PDF format.


Sharp MZ-800 PCP/M-80 manual: 220M, in both raw and OCR'd versions.


Command Summary: 1.7M in PDF format.

Programmer's Guide: 5.8M in PDF format.

System Guide: 8.3M in PDF format.

System Guide : 13.75M in "raw" PDF format.

User's Guide: 7.7M in PDF format.

CP/M-86 Compatibility Guide For CP/M-80 Users : 15K in PDF format.
** NEW 08/13/2006 **
CP/M-86 Compatibility Guide For CP/M-80 Users : 24K in TXT format.

CP/M-86 Plus

CP/M-86 Plus Operating System Installation Guide : 149K in TeX format.

CP/M-86 Plus Operating System User Guide : 106K in TeX format.

Concurrent CP/M-86

These are the CCP/M manuals as "raw" PDF files. If anybody likes to OCR them, please let me know - I can also provide the original TIFF files.

Programmer's Reference Guide : 6.41M
Programmer's Utilities Guide : 2.27M
System Guide : 3.74M
User's Guide : 3.93M

Introduction to Concurrent CP/M : 32K in TeX format.


CONVERTED GSX DOC FILES : 39K GEM screen drivers and GSX have a lot in common, and GSX was available for DOS as well as CPM. In the CPM version posted there are some files in Wordstar 4/5 format, which makes them pretty unreadable, of which three actually relate to DOS, not CPM. Anyway, these have been converted to ASCII and are now posted here.

GSX-86 MANUAL : 164K GSX-86 manuals in Postscript.

GSX-86 PDF MANUALS : 180K This archive contains the GSX-86 manuals (User's Guide, Programmer's Guide and Ginstall) in PDF format.


MP/M I User's Guide
in Postscript format : 226K
in Microsoft Word97 format : 121K.
in PDF format : 218K.

This is the only manual from DRI on MP/M I. It is actually the User's guide, Programmer's guide and System Implementor's guide under one cover.


MP/M II System Manual : 159K MP/M II System Guide. This is the one you need to port MP/M II to new hardware. The ZIP file includes a mostly finished, cleaned-up, version, in MS-WORD format, as well as the original ASCII scanned version. This is for reference for the sections that haven't been fully cleaned up.

MP/M II User's Guide : 434K MP/M II User's guide in Postscript format.

MP/M II User's Guide PDF : 890K MP/M II User's Guide in PDF format.

MP/M II Programmer's Guide
in Postscript format : 252K
in Microsoft Word97 format : 173K.
in PDF format : 385K.

DRI MP/M II Product Brief : 244K It gives a clear description of what MP/M can do, lists all the software on the disks, and generally answers a lot of the questions people ask about this OS (PDF, 4 pages).


Programmer's Guide: 15.9M in PDF format.

User's Guide: 8.3M in PDF format.

System Guide: 1.4M in PDF format.


DDT - The CP/M Debugger: 1.5M in PDF format.

Despool Print Utility: 1.4M in PDF format.

** NEW 06/04/2022 **
DESPOOL Background Print Utility (1982 edition) : 2.0M in PDF format.

ED - The CP/M Editor: 1.7M in PDF format.

PROGRAMMERS UTILITIES for the IBM/PC : 53K Covers RASM 86, XREF 86, LINK 86, and LIB 86. This manual was part of the Digital Research C for the PC manual, but can be usd with these utilities stand-alone.

SID : 48K SID manual in plain text format. Use with CP/M-80, or MP/M-80.

SID - The CP/M Symbolic debugger: 2.6M in PDF format.

SID 1978 version: 44K Same as above, but in a plain text version.

** NEW 08/13/2006 **
SID86 User Guide: 107K Second Edition August 1982, edits by Emmanuel Roche.

ZSID Manual : 13K ZSID-80, in a plain text file. Use with CP/M-80, or MP/M-80.

ZSID Manual PDF : 75K the same as above, converted to PDF.

CP/NET Manual : 530K Here is the CP/NET manual in html. This is definately for local access, it's all one big file, and quite large. Enjoy.

XLT-86 : 50K 8080 to 8086 Assembly Language Translator USER'S GUIDE in Microsoft Word97 format.

TEX : 367K This archive contains the CP/M TEX User's Guide in PDF and Word97 format.

Circuit Modeller for CP/M: 4.5M, by Harcourt Systems.


This is a user program to get manuals prepared for distribution. Tim and others scanned and partly OCR'ed them, and posted the results here.

If you would be willing to help, please check out what he had scanned, download it, and go to it. If you do, PLEASE co-ordinate with me so we don't have several people working on the same manual.

If you are desperate for a manual, you can take one from this page and try to use it. Just understand that it won't be pretty.

Most of the problems introduced by the OCR process are pretty straightforward. For those that aren't, there are several ways to address them. If you have another copy of the manual you are working on, you can refer to it to fill in the blanks in problem areas.

I'll try to carry on with Tim's work as good as possible. So if you got any manuals done, please send them in, so that I can publish them in this place.
gaby@gaby.de (please contact me before sending any files by e-mail).


CP/M-86 GENERIC : 278K *** UPDATED 03/15/2001 *** Chapters 5 & 6 are done.

CP/M-86 for the IBM PC : 206K
The MS Word version of the above file : 214K,
it has already been cleaned up, but there's still a lot of work to do. If you've got the original manual or a scanned version, please have a look at it!

Programmer's Guide to CP/M: 50M,
200 pages in TIFF format to be OCR'd and converted.

DESPOOL for CP/M 1.4 or 2.2 : 5K *DONE!*


DR C : Programmers Guide : 65K

DRI C Programmer's guide for CP/M-86 Second Edition : 36.5M This is a collection of 190 JPG files. If you feel able to OCR them and convert them to a manual, conserving original layout, illustrations and colors, then please give it a chance :-). *DONE!*

** NEW 12/21/2003 **
DRI Product Brochures : 1.8M 'Service You Can Count On' and 'Languages & Programming Tools'. The latter gives a product description of the programming languages DRI offered. These are .jpeg images of the pages.


RASM-86 : 30K

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