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Iīm studying Z80 micro and i was thinking to make a cigare machine simulation to a homework.

I donīt know if you want/can help me on this, the request of the program are:

- 7 different coins (25,50,100,200,500,1000,2000),inputs by Pio+Int port B
- 7 different mark of cigares, input by Pio port A
- and respective out to the cigares come out- the machine has to give exchanges
- while machine it's quite a mesage as to scrool on a display of Microprofessor (this i know to do)
- a Abort buttom to cancel the money in

Sorry my english, i hope that you can help me.
Thanks, and continue your great work.  

I am looking for Example Code for programming the ECC Serial I/O Controller 
for 'vanilla' serial operation.
I have the data sheet, but it (and the device!) are so feature laden, it's
difficult to ferret out the settings for 'simple' serial operation. Most of
the examples on the site apply to various other SIO's and UART's. 

Thank you for time  and interest in this matter,
Steven G. Messervey